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Leaving a Legacy?

I always thought that to leave a legacy it meant to have money, property, jewelry etc to pass on to heirs. But I experienced a thrill several weeks ago when I could have a pre-teen catch a glimpse of what she could do with her hands!  Her grandmother brought her in to see if there was some craft they could do together from what I have in the store. 

Let me tell you, that was an eye opener!  Everything I do usually is for home decor geared toward adults, opps, I am missing so many people that would just love to be creative.

Well a dollar store wooden hinged box with lid,

one IOD mould; the one with the rabbit and a pkg of IOD air dry clay and one small pot of APC Clay,Chalk,Mineral based paint and Voila  I wish I had taken a picture of her face when she came in with Grandma to show me. Now that is leaving a legacy!  Just wish I had a picture of the finished project.  

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