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Not my Comfort zone!

What is your comfort zone? Mine is warm cotton sweaters, jeans and a fire in a wood stove!
When it comes to colour, do you always go for black jeans and T's? Looking at my wardrobe the other day, I think there must have been a sale on maroon, grey and black T-shirts             I have been challenged to think outside my comfort zone and consider what others like.

For years I have painted furniture in .......you guessed it; Black, grey, maroon and white!  I never choose Blue, yellow, purple, pink or ORANGE!   Opps,, I did choose aquamarine for my store interior accent walls against.....yes pale grey! Isn't it beautiful?  My happy zone!


I stepped out!  Tried a very colourful Bohemian/Moroccan style and I love it! Basic Brown end tables with the cutest little drawer. I am guessing maybe someone's woodworking project?  Plywood top that desperately needed sanding and scraping smooth, but it was solid.  Primed it with Zinsser Odorless Alkyd primer to make sure no tannin bleed would occur.

I looked in my drawer of American Paint Company clay based paint and saw some fireworks red, A-Maize-ing yellow, persimmon, Summer sunset and Double Double. All little bits of paint that was in danger of drying out before I could use them, so I got an  empty Liter can and scraped all the leftovers together to see what came out and added a bit of clean water, put the can on my paint shaker and hhmm, needed a bit more yellow, so back on the shaker. Finally ok with the colour, not WOW, I LOVE IT!  but ok.  REMEMBER this is NOT my comfort zone!  Then Iron Orchid Designs new Paint Inlays arrived and wow, I had inspiration!  (Also a friend was painting her Air B&B with Orange) Let's add a highlight of yellow to the center  

and now for the inlay.  Piecing the border was the hardest, but, hey I am already                                        out of my comfort zone so lets keep it going!  So, What do you think? Should we try something new and maybe fail, and boy did I ever mess up (had to do the inlay twice on one table as I put it on sideways) but, oh wow, what if we really like what shows up.   A little gold edging and we have a winner x 2 (there were two tables) That gold berry knob is just so cute!  Now just a few coats of sealer That's a wrap!  Tell me what you think.



  • I love your adventurous spirit. ❤️ Your shop and your table both look great!

    Helene Thiessen
  • Wow that looks amazing,
    Love it ,mabey paint with some more colour ?
    I love to play with colour but the greys and black are very pretty also

    Marian Verkijk

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