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Ready or not! Rodeo time

Rodeo Time!

In our town the rodeo is a fixture. The "Stan Thompson Memorial Rodeo" is held every June. Last year I was asked if I would like a table (booth) to sell my artwork etc. I don't remember the scenario exactly but I believe I had expressed an interest but then forgot about it. About 2 hours before the rodeo was to start I got a call 

Ahem, Are you coming? Did you forget?  Never have I been so unprepared. 

So what is actually needed to have a table at the rodeo? 

Well the Table is provided!  Usually people who are prepared have business cards, a cash box, a table covering & skirt and "backdrops" to prop your wares up at eyelevel. Well I had wooden boxes and a whole pile of items that I had finished!  It was fun! Met tons of people,; a special lady who did the most beautiful freehand artistic wood burnings (pyrography) a real artist and an interesting story of living in Greece for many years and a young chainsaw carver and Epicure, had some rodeo food (ever had a corn dog?) and even got to watch the Ladies Horse Race for Cash.

Will I go again?  You bet!   See you at the Princeton annual Rodeo!

Am I ready? ha, don't ask, but I have my table!  and quite a few items finished, now to find a cash box, hmmm

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