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"To Mask or not to Mask, that is the question"

Going a little Shakespearean on you!  So what comes to mind when you hear the word mask? A year ago I would have said a facial scrub or exfoliating mask!  During this COVID19 time we automatically think face mask as in a surgical mask or homemade cloth mask. So,... when Iron Orchid Designs came out this fall with their new product line of stamps and a reuse-able mask included, I thought wow! they are really thinking of their customers health and safety!   LOL, was I ever wrong!  I mean, yes they do think of our health and safety but not that kind of mask. So what on earth were they including in their new stamp packages? 

Have you ever used a stamp and then thought, I would like to add to this but when you do it looks like this?  All muddied and you can see one image through the other. Not what we expect to see.

Masks are your new best friend, you can stamp the image on another piece of paper and cut it out 

So, not fun cutting around all those ferns!  Can't even watch TV while doing it! and they rip and don't last.  Then you decide which stamped item you want to be in front and that is the stamped item you cover up with a "mask" , in this case the large yellow butterfly

and then stamp your next butterfly which will appear as if coming out from behind the first one. or leaves behind the rose.I

t works so well but, it's labor intensive. SO,... IOD has come out with pre-made masks so we don't have to cut them out anymore and because they are made from a plastic sheet, they last! Great news! 

Here is a video (ps these ladies know how to have fun-if you don't skip the first minute!  lol)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JK--wpRcxoY   demonstrating masking with the old paper home made masks, waiting for the new masks to arrive this week! https://ironorchiddesigns.com/diy/iod-stamps-2020/



your friend Edith


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