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Waiting, waiting for inspiration!

Have you ever picked up a piece of furniture thinking, I love the shape! I can paint this? Then you get it home or in my case to the store/shop and it just sits there!  So many pieces have come and gone and I am getting better at waiting for inspiration. I have had this Dresser for several years sitting in my carport until I saw a post on line and Wow, it all just came together. Now if I could only find those handles I put in a safe place!

One piece that I purchased just a month ago, I knew exactly what I wanted!  A great sturdy telephone bench, solid Oak but oh, so water damaged! 

No problem! I own a paint store, just Zinsser shellac the oak and water stains  and I was on my way. 2 coats of shellac everywhere, I mean top bottom, inside underneath; it was white!

But all white wasn't the image I had in my head, I was seeing navy blue stripes and a cushion with white piping and white arabesque stenciling on the cushion, a gold crest on the door and gold dipped feet! Can't you just picture it!

This was the day a customer came into the store as I am working and exclaimed

"is that for sale?" Please stop! I will buy this, how much?  "Perfect for my entry way, but I want it all white!"  Oh the heart break lol !  Needless to say "The customer is always right!"  This beauty left the store with a happy buyer


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