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The actual paint and wood stain colours may vary from the images displayed on this web site. We strongly recommend the actual paint colour samples be picked up from the Store and viewed under the lighting conditions where they will be applied to ensure complete colour satisfaction.


200+ Color to Choose From!

Dive into a spectrum of possibilities with our paint shop’s enticing collection of over 200 colors. From timeless classics to trendy shades, find the perfect palette to transform your space and express your unique style.


Sample Colors One & Next to Real Materials

Experience the perfect fusion of color inspiration and tangible materials, ensuring your vision comes to life with every brushstroke.


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Visit Our Office

#7-136 Tapton Ave, Princeton BC, Canada

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Princeton Paint & Decorating is your authorized dealer of Cloverdale Paint, bringing the high standard of household and industrial paint from a brand that you trust. Colour matching, quality paint supplies and helpful advice are among the top services we provide, all with the great small town service Princeton BC is known for.

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Princeton Paint & Decorating

#7-136 Tapton Ave, Princeton BC, Canada

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