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#7-136 Tapton Ave, Princeton BC, Canada

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of paint do you offer?

We offer a diverse range, including interior, exterior, and specialty paints, each available in various finishes and colours.

Can i return custom-tinted paint?

Custom-tinted paints are non-refundable, unless there’s a defect. Please choose colours carefully or request samples before tinting.

Are your products eco-friendly?

Yes, we offer a selection of environmentally friendly paints with low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) for a greener and healthier option.

Can i order paint samples before making a decision?

Yes, you can order paint samples in-store to test colours before committing to larger quantities for your project.

Do you provide professional painting services?

While we don’t offer painting services, our staff can provide expert advice and recommendations to ensure a successful DIY project.

What is the shelf life of your paint products?

Our paints typically have a shelf life of one to two years if stored in a cool, dry place. Check product labels for specific details.

Do you offer in-store colour consultations?

Yes, we provide in-store colour consultations to help you choose the perfect hues for your project. Schedule an appointment with our knowledgeable staff for personalized guidance.

Can i purchase paint in bulk for commercial projects?

Absolutely! We offer bulk purchasing options and can provide tailored solutions for commercial projects. Contact our dedicated team to discuss your specific requirements and receive customized assistance.

Princeton Paint & Decorating

7-136 Tapton Ave
Princeton, BC V0X 1W0

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Princeton Paint & Decorating is your authorized dealer of Cloverdale Paint, bringing the high standard of household and industrial paint from a brand that you trust. Colour matching, quality paint supplies and helpful advice are among the top services we provide, all with the great small town service Princeton BC is known for.

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Princeton Paint & Decorating

#7-136 Tapton Ave, Princeton BC, Canada

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